How long does it take you to update my products?

Written by Josh
Updated 2 years ago

The initial set up of the products is 2 working days. We like to personally ensure quality of the prints, and get any issues ironed out before your customers see your products.

Once you’re all set up and you would like to make changes we need up to 2 working days to process any changes that you need to make, so be sure to get your requests in to us in good time!

If there are any issues with any of the files, we’ll drop you an email and you can fix it and re-upload.

We do try to go as fast as possible, but to help us the best thing to do is make sure all your files are the right spec before you upload.

Please note: If you want to make any changes to your products, you can edit and re-submit your product(s) at any time. Your embedded code will not need to change and your store will update automatically.

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