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A step by step of everything you need to get you set up on MakeRoom
Written by Josh
Updated 2 years ago

So you've read our FAQs and want to launch your new MakeRoom store – The good news is it couldn’t be easier. We’ve put together the below step by step to walk you through it.

1. Sign Up - Have a look at our subscription plans here and choose the one that’s best for you. You can change this at any time and with the first 30 days free, you can play before you pay.

Note: When you sign up, we’ll ask for your bank details. This allows us to quickly and easily pay you when you start selling! All details are SSL protected.

2. Format your artwork – Before you upload your work, you will have to format it according to our guidelines. This ensures your prints will be the museum quality standard that we guarantee.

You can find templates and guides on our Downloads page. The key bits are: it is at least 150dpi at the biggest size you select (so if you'd like to sell the design at A2 size, it needs to be a 59.4 x 42.0cm JPG with minimum 150dpi.)

The file should be in RGB. You can also download our colour profile from our downloads page, but this is not essential. A colour profile just maximises the consistency between devices.

3. Upload your artwork - Once you've completed the sign up process you will then be taken to the upload page. You don't have to upload your work straight away, but the sooner you do the sooner you can start making sales! You can access and change your files whenever you like - just log in and head to your Products page.

4. Add a title and description – Once you’ve uploaded your artwork, you can add a title and short description. We’ll add the technical info about paper weight and framing when we build your store.

5. Select your products and prices – With your artwork uploaded, you can then choose the products you want to sell. Using our profit calculator, you can then choose how much to sell your products for!

Note: We suggest RRPs to give you a starting point, but you can charge whatever you like.

6. Relax – Once you’ve uploaded and submitted your files, we will check to make sure that they’re formatted correctly and print ready. If anything’s not right, we’ll let you know. You can then make the changes and resubmit.

Note: It usually takes up to 2 working days to check the files. We'll also do other small checks to make sure there’s no copyright infringement or other legal issues. You can find out more about this in our Ts and Cs.

7. Embed your code – When your store’s ready, we’ll send you your unique store code. You then drop this into a free page on your site, refresh, and your store should appear. You can check our embed guidance for details on this here.

8. Voila! - Your shop should now be in place! Check everything is working and looks right, and then you can start selling your fans your work direct from your site.

And... that's it. Your work is done. You don't have to print or package anything. Just check your account from time to time to withdraw your profits.

If a customer does have any problems, send them straight to us. All your customers’ emails will have help links in them, but if they are having any issues at all either forward their email to us or let them know to contact us directly:

If you want to make any changes to your products, you can edit and re-submit your product(s) at any time. Your embedded code will not need to change and your store will update automatically.

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