What shipping options are there?

Written by Josh
Updated 1 year ago

Shipping options are calculated at checkout when you enter your address. Options vary slightly depending on your country and order, but we have four different shipping options; each increasing in price and speed:





Budget shipping has slower delivery times than standard shipping and is typically sent using an untracked service (although all US orders are tracked). Standard shipping may be tracked or untracked for most print on demand products, depending on destination.

Express shipping is typically with a courier, will be tracked and will be a fast, premium service.

Overnight is only available in the UK & USA on certain orders.

We attempt to have at least budget and standard shipping options available for all products.

Tracking availability varies and will depend on the country, product type and shipping method that have been selected with your order. Generally budget shipping is untracked and express is tracked (you can check the shipping service when you place the order).

To track your order we provide you with an email and tracking link when your product ships.

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